Thursday, February 12, 2009

Big Boys Toys

If there is one thing I love more than Photography it would have to be riding dirtbikes, the ability to go as fast as you like without fear of getting a speeding fine, exploring new places and just having fun with friends is why I live for riding. So with countless hours researching the new 
2009 450 Enduro bikes from all manufacturers I settled on the 2009 Husqvarna TE450 to replace my 2007 Suzuki DRZ400E.

Whilst Japan is on the cutting edge of technology with every facet of life, when it comes to Enduro models it seems they are a little behind the eight ball. Whilst I'm no racer the Husky comes with standard parts that would cost thousands of dollars extra on a comparative Japanese model, with the inclusion of Electronic Fuel Injection on the Husqvarna it made my decision even easier. 

My favourite thing about the bike is it's sharp looks, white plastics with slimline seating position and very flat seat give it a purposeful racing look, the parts list alone is enough to make any rider weak at the knees, I'm going to have a hard time tricking this bike out because it's pretty much the king of bling already! Parts include:
Arrow GP pipe
R&D Husky Race chip
Brembo's Front and Rear with Oversized Rotors.
Magura Hydraulic Clutch
Cemoto Handgaurds
Marazochi Front Forks, Sachs rear shock
Black Excel Rims
Flex Levers 

First impressions is that this bike is set to kill mode from the factory, power is instant and torque is immense. Keeping the front wheel on the ground is a serious issue as it rockets it's way into a eye watering top end, the brakes are unbelievable, one finger is all that is needed to haul it up, the clutch feel is light and very smooth with an easy pickup point which is very important in tight technical terrain. When cracking the throttle there is a slight hiccup however but this may be the old stale fuel left in the bike from delivery, with riding time I hope this will rectify itself.

I can't wait to have my maiden offroad voyage on it this weekend, Whilst photography is a fun and relaxing hobby, nothing comes close to ripping through the bush on a dirtbike!

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