Monday, June 21, 2010

still drooling

Few Out-takes/Behind the scenes of the Lambo Superleggara shoot I just completed, the car is 10x more impressive in the flesh than any Top Gear segment or Magazine article would suggest. It's just simply amazing, no other words can sum it up. I'm in the process of retouching the images now, some went better than others but overall a solid shoot but not without difficulties.

Me in deep thought, probably thinking of what's for dinner rather than the task at hand.

Cool snap Brad got of my LCD display, as you can see I used lightpainting to light the car, it's both a blessing and a curse with black cars so attention to detail is vital, every shot was scrutinized and changes to the lighting made for the next shot.

Another goofy candid, as you can see it was very dark, the lantern was a godsend.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Motor Magazine - July Issue

The new issue of MOTOR is out and I have a couple of features in it. The first been 20 Years of Clubsport. The article was a look at the models that have shared the "Clubsport" badge from the VN right through to the current VE E2 series. It was interesting to see how far the lineage has progressed over the years from a the rather crude Taxi like VN right through to the modern and European rivaling VE series which I personally love.

20 Years in one photo, I quite like this one. Lots of colour and vibrance

This Rigshot was done right at the end of the day in near darkness, I have never been so cold on a shoot in all my life.

The afternoon sun was quite soft, I caught some rays peeking through the trees.

The E2 R8 is a tough car, Personally I want one!

VT and VE Clubbies making mince meat of the climb up towards Golburn.

Who knows what the HSV guys were smoking when they designed the VS's wheels.

The second article was about the New 911 Turbo, the goal was to run a 10.xx second Pass in a stock car and hence get it banned for not running a rollcage as per ANDRA rules. We tried all the tricks in the book, Cleary even skipped lunch to try and scrape a couple of hundreths out of the ET. We added a bottle of Octane booster, ran virtually no fuel in the car and even resorted to mucking around with Tyre pressures. Alas is was not to be, Cleary ran a stonking 11.025 at 127Mph which is amazing for a stock production car literally driven from the Showroom floor.

The New 911T is a stunning car, it drew attention like nothing else.

Sussing out the Launch control, Press button, foot on brake, Foot to the floor and GO!

Get a look at the Launch! Even on the prepped track it still spun all 4 wheels, I have a feeling that 10's would be acheivable with more time and a better track prep.

Proof is in the Pudding, 11.025 @ 127mph (205.4kph) Not bad for a stocker huh!

Friday, June 4, 2010 - JDMST End Of Month Meet

Speedhunters have put of some coverage of the JDMST end of month meet, Charles Kha (former Autosalon Editor) and myself covered the event.

You can check out the full article with more images here.

Perfect S15, they look great wingless and on black rims.

Biggies 180Sx, got the hellaflush treatment going on, don't know how you can drive a car on Sydneys roads with fitment like this! Absurd.

I'm so artistic :)

JDM Yards Tough as nails Civic, Yeah I put civic and tough in the same sectence!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunday... Sunday.... Sunday!

Sunday brings up probably one of the most important shoots of my short career, a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggara. Shitting myself about it.... yes, am I excited..... YES!

So many ideas and concepts are running through my head i'm finding it hard to sleep. Wish this rain would go away in Sydney though, It's been raining for the last 2 weeks!