Thursday, February 12, 2009

Astra VXR Nurburgring Motor Feature

Just received the tearsheats for this issue of Motor Magazine with the small feature I did on the HSV Astra Nurburgring edition, came out pretty good I think. I find it hilarious that a couple of the images used are taken with a $300 point a shoot camera but.

My goal for this shoot was to follow the brief, but to keep a clean and consistent style that is associated with the images in Motor, I wanted to prove my style isn't all grungy dark flash lit shots, but rather something a bit more commercial and appealing to the masses.

Not everything went to plan for this shoot, as I mentioned previously My camera decided enough was enough and fell off the tripod ripping the thread out of the camera in the process, luckily I caught it just before it hit the ground. Kevin came to save the day with a loaner 5D and I was back in business.

I really enjoyed this shoot, it was challenging to meet the brief given to me. I had never worked to a strict set of guidelines before so it was nice to not have to think of every little thing to cover.

Here you can see a pair of my Boardshorts been used as a makeshift rag to clean the exhaust, unfortunately press cars don't always arrive 100% perfect, this car was filthy!

Setting up the rig for the rear shots, I'll be adding another 2 metres to it soon for some Ultra distance shots.

A huge thanks to Kevin for the loan of the 5D and Simon for assisting me.

7 comments: said...

Those shots looks great on the page! I love the car park shot!!


Link me up! :)

Steven Le said...

Hey Chris,

the shots came out amazing! just a quick question on the rig shots, where did you purchase the suction cups from.


Anonymous said...

Well done Chris, the shots look stunning!

Anonymous said...

Chris, i saw these in the new copy of Motor, they look great
great work

Scotts Photography and things said...

I love the cover shot, was it taken in a tunnel or something?

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