Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Long time since I last updated, but there has been a reason… I've just been too busy! Last 2 weeks have been hectic, both photographically and personally. It's just a shame the two have to overlap like this. Take the last weekend for instance, 3 cars shot, over 400km travelled, around 600 RAW photos and a 2 week deadline to deliver them. Basically I'm a slave to Photoshop at the moment and nothing seems to be going right! My usual deal of using the same RAW settings for dozens of shots is giving inconsistent results and just other small things that have me losing sleep.

Again I get to travel a bit more this weekend when I head for Sunny Queensland to do a few shoots for private customers. Leave work Friday Afternoon, jump straight on a flight and then start shooting literally an hour after I arrive! All the while I still don't have a location sorted or a return flight for that matter but that's the least of my worries at the moment.

Hopefully, by the time I get back I should receive the news that my Canon 5Dmk2 has arrived and I can start playing around with that. In the meantime I'll try to update with some archive stuff with a bit more behind the scenes shots and a few shots from my QLD adventure.


Anonymous said...

chris... good to have u back! cant wait to see yr latest pics.

GK said...

You sure are a busy man! Looking forward to your new images, and behind the sceans stuff.