Saturday, May 1, 2010

JDMST End of Month Meetup

JDMstyletuning had their traditional end of Month meetups last night and it was a big one! Cars from all genres, era's and fiscal values be it a Nissan Micro with pedobear stickers or Porsche GT2.

Pair of Nice S15's, love the Nismo Stripe.

JType Ninja's in force.

Godzilla, in all it's glory

Big turnout to this meet, well in excess of 50 cars I would guess.

This Soarer had amazing BBS rims, would have been atleast 11 inches wide!


Nissan Cube and Suzuki Cappacino, two oddball JDM imports. Love the cube.

Kula's Track inspired MX5, The stripped paint look is the in thing.

Great vibe, great cars, great meet.


Ale said...

Beautiful photos my friend! Loved them.

Swethapriya said...

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