Thursday, November 5, 2009

Performance Imports Issue 114

New issue of Performance Imports is out, I shot this feature in 2008 and it's only just hitting the shelves now! Stans car is quite unique, not just the fact it's running a single turbo RB26/30DET combo, but the fact it's an Auto creates a lot of headscratching. I shot this feature in 2 sessions, with the possibility of cover I shot a lot of cover options that could fit the bill, instead it was relegated to a normal feature which is a shame as this car is awesome.

I'll be updating more with more Motor Magazine work and a big commercial shoot i'm gearing up for soon.


Stan said...

I LOVE YOU... please have my babies!

Alex said...

Beautiful car Stan and of course great work on the photos Chris, loving the rig shots.

Anonymous said...

Wat is your rig?