Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Motor Bang for your buck 2009

Well I have received the brief.... am I shitting myself?... yes, will I nail it?... Hell YEAH!

Heaps of room for creativity, but all the hard work is already thought out. From what I can see it's an varied range of cars, from everyday commuters right through to ball tearing rip snorters! I can't see how some of these are good bang for your buck when they cost a small fortune.

Cool part is I'll be doing some driving, so a good chance to put some notches in my "hot cars I've driven" belt.

Still need to collate some gear and a few miscellaneous things before Monday but right now I'm pretty excited for it.


Van Strapp said...

Awesome stuff mate, very jealous! Looking forward to the results. :)

Rohan Phillips said...

Keen to see what you come up with Chris. What issue will the BFYB be in?

Chris Brasher said...

Thanks, I'd guess 1-2 issues time as it is printed locally.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Chris, do you make this for men?

Signed the Art Dept at MOTOR