Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What are you doing NYE?

I never make a big deal out of New years Eve, just another night usually... I mean I'll go out and have fun but never have I done something so extravagant, stupid or expensive as this year.

After talking with some mates, we last night decided to just go all out. So onto the internet to check flights, accommodation and entertainment for the night. 2 hours later we had paid, booked and confirmed the most ruthless 24 hours known to man.

- Depart Sydney Airport for Gold Coast NYE at 1pm
- Party at private shindig for the night on Cavil Avenue Surfers Paradise.
- Leave New Years day at 10am back to Sydney!

This could be the most epic journey ever, or the most idiotic thing we have ever done... Either way I can't wait!

Splurged on some new kicks today, I have OCD when it comes to shoes but these SB's are pretty trick!

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Anonymous said...

Nice sb's :D Vans classics are where its at though