Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gimme 5

It's that time of the year for Australian Photographers, the Canon photo5 competition was held again this year, and again I forgot to enter. 2 from 2, 100% complete failure.

More information about the Photo5 competition can be found here -

It had been a while since I have taken a photo purely because I enjoy doing so, with some spare time this afternoon I had a look at the little brown box and tried to do something with it besides throw it in the bin, I came up with an idea, something I had seen on the cover of the New York Times a while back. I decided I would use the blue crayon that was inside my box and put it to good use.

I went down into the studio (you may have one in your home too, it's called a white wall) and setup shop, couple of bare flashes powering into the wall.

I needed a model, so I focused on the tripod and then left the focus as is, I thought if I stood in line with the tripod I would also be in focus... it worked. Starting to look like something here.

Seconds after the photo was taken, My arm hit the tripod and.....

RIP Vivitar DF4000MZ - You will be missed.

So now I needed a background, so I got out my pen and some paper and just drew random crap all over it. No I was not drunk.

Time to get photoshopping and merge the images into a composite.

This was rather straightfoward, I did an exposure for me, the wall, a bunch of crayon shots (same crayon just relocated) an exposure for the floor and one of the paper.

After 5 mins or so a final image.


Anonymous said...

Way cool, Chris! Awesome idea and great follow through.

Kim Carney said...

Brilliant! Thanks for showing the process (seen on flickr)

Ben said...

Mate really well done. You need to do more stuff like this and get a more varied portfolio.

You've got what it takes!

Dan said...

Love the result

least you only broke a triggers for me, so while moving lighting (with sync cable still attached) I turn around to an almight crash

poor wide-angle lens is no more :(

just stumbled upon your page, digging your car shoots man!!