Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another day another flash.

My sick obsession with buying cheap manual strobes struck again yesterday when I recieved the delightful Achiever unit and a Hoya Pro1 Circular Polarizer.
This brings the flash count up to 10, double digits finally! Nothing to celebrate except I can now be classified as an addict... help me.

First impressions, like all old strobes it's built like a tank. The filter set thrown in is a welcome bonus, CTO and CTB filters will be put to use, as will the included Sync cord which was a surprise.

Connected to the Catcus V2 and switched on it worked first time and every time, for something that cost as much as a decent lunch these cactus things are worth thier weight in gold (with a bit of fiddling of the antenna of course)

The polarizer was cheap, again found on ebay. From the couple of shots I fired off with it on it looks like a good peice of gear. Finally a bit more dynamic range back into my outdoor shots!
I have some a big project coming up soon that I will divulge in a bit later, it involves as usual cars and photo's but this time it will involve a new camera (the 30D is going to be retired) and a move to full frame 5D finally is on the cards.

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